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One of the effective ways to publicize my art, as well as to get feedback on it, is to answer "calls for art." Paintings are submitted to accomplished art judges, and a determination is made to either accept or not invite the work to be included in the show or for display in the gallery.  Many (probably most!) of the shows during the past year have been virtual and online exhibitions only due to coronavirus protocols, but recently more galleries and museums are opening to the public again. The ones listed here are ones that I have had paintings both online and in galleries, and I am most grateful for the opportunities and critiques I have gotten by taking part.  I will keep this page updated for activity at galleries or in virtual exhibitions. --George

Juried Exhibitions: News



Currently, I have a painting entered into a Plein Air call for art competition, and have submitted two spiritual paintings to the Monastery Gallery of Art tin West Hartford hat I am hoping will be accepted for inclusion in their upcoming themed exhibit, "A Missing Peace."



I now have paintings rehomed in 5 states...AZ the furthest west, FL to the south, and VT to the north! There are many that are in CT and MA, too, and interestingly, there have even been visitors to my shopify store from other countries, including the UK, France, and New Zealand! 

I welcome photos of the art hanging on it's new home wall, and will include the photos on my website here, similar to "The Jessica Heather" now posted in the Art "Gone" page. It's awesome to see the art truly being enjoyed!                                                          


My works "Jesus is in your Boat,""Roxy," "Payne's Creek," "Bigelow Hollow," and "Provincetown Ice House" remain archived as part of a virtual display having been submitted entries for the "Luminosity" themed exhibit at the Cape Cod Cultural Center in South Yarmouth. 

Paintings also remain on display at the Three Sisters Sanctuary in Goshen,MA,

and good reviews on the art have been received. The owner referred me to a new small business site (Alignable) that I joined, and from which I am making new contacts and connections with the People and Paintings Gallery in  NY on Staten Island.

LOTS going on, and still more in the works!  I'm very happy with the direction in which the art activity is moving, and appreciate all the support and lessons now from so many people, family and friends. I'm truly blessed.


  • Lost Acres Vineyard, Granby MA   Accepted for exhibition  "Eventide"  Nov. 2022

  • East Granby, CT Public Library     2nd Place Winner   "Granbrook Park Rail Trail"   2021

  • CT Plein Air Society     Honorable mention Winner      "Mary Edward's Bear"   2020

  • West Hartford, CT Art League Paintings accepted for two different gallery exhibits open to the public, "Spring Hill Farm" - 2020 and "Wood Pond" -2019

  • Granby, CT Land Trust  "Mary Edward's Bear" Exhibited.  2019

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