Summertime notes...This is a new view and section of an old painting! The original work, "Island Pond," has been rehomed in VT after a co-exhibitor at the Paradise City Arts festival thought it would be perfect at the country home. I am sure it looks great...thanks again to Ronnie!  My Shopify store is now open, and the link to visit and shop or buy (financing is set up as well) is: www.Artbygeorgebmattingly.com

or you can click on the chain link icon at the bottom of pages of this website, and it will open the store site for you directly!

And other news notes...I'm enjoying a summertime lull in show attendance, and am using my time to paint different subjects. I've done some portraits, as well as a couple horses, and am now getting back to land and seascapes.  I have been able to get to the Cape to visit a family friend, and while there, have visited many galleries and have taken many photos for potential art. And there's just something invigorating about the sand and water and salty air! The summer is my favorite season!                    

The latest painting to be done is called "Salt Marsh," features some ifferent colors. Other new works include "Blackie," is a galloping horse...(something a little different for me) as well as "Misty Morning at Boothbay Harbor,"  "The Basil III," and one I'm really thrilled with finishing..."The Night Before"-- my rendition of The Last Supper, and the largest one I've ever painted- 30x"48"with a framed/painting weight of 38 pounds! I hope this one is as well received as an earlier spiritual one.

Drawing to a close at the end of July is my exhibit of 40 paintings on display/for sale at the Town and County Gallery in Hartford, and the "America, still the beautiful" exhibit was very well received. I can still take guests for showings any time, so if you're interested in seeing this beautiful mansion and my art in their gallery, please contact me before the end of the month.

Lots happening..onward and upward!

And always...enjoy the art.