Welcome!  I've had quite a few visitors to my online Shopify store since the DC art exhibit, and the visitors have been from the greater DC area, so I am posting the site link again here for local friends, family and connections, too. Art work and merchandise can be enjoyed, invested in, purchased and/or financed right through the site, and is updated to include every painting available.  Please feel free to browse, shop, buy or just be inspired by and enjoy the art.  I'm really thankful for all the great compliments and support I've gotten, and am looking forward to creating more...onward and upward! All of the artwork shown on the "Gallery here" page is available & ready to be "rehomed" through the store, 

(or just click on the link icons at the bottom of pages or on the individual paintings) and all the information needed to acquire your favorite can be found! New paintings are always being added, and if you have a special pet, place or photo you'd like, please feel free to drop me a note about a commissioned piece, or leave an e-mail address on the "contact" page here and I will get in touch. Thanks so much!  As always, enjoy the art!                                                      -GBM