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 George Mattingly

During my childhood and teen years, I loved to paint. I sold my first painting in fifth grade; my art teacher bought it and  told my parents I had "a gift from God." 

Somewhere in my teen years, I was diverted and put painting aside.

I went on to have a very successful design/build construction company. In a way, construction drawing kept art in my life, but I did not paint. I did not paint for over 40 years. Christmas of 2017 found me not only divorced, but disabled. 

I picked up a paintbrush. 

A new journey began. My career in building and design honed me to have discipline and patience, valuable  for learning my new craft. I started with the very basics, (I didn't even know that blue and yellow made green until 2018!) and advanced to studies of light, values, and composition. Everything I learn opens many possibilities for exploration of the world through my art. 

I’m drawn to the natural world, and that has been the focus of my paintings to date.  But this new way of life --learn and paint, paint and learn-- reveals that there is still much more ground to cover, including different techniques, styles and much to learn and so little time.  

But I  have today, and that is all I need.


"Every child is born an artist.

The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up."    --Pablo Picasso

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