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Art and Color 365 Magazine  is located in Denver and Colorado Springs, CO and is a bi-monthly art magazine that celebrates art in every aspect of life...365 days a year.  The magazine has juried monthly international art competitions with different themes, and many entries are submitted from around the world. An email was received recently, notifying me that my entries "Roxy at Salmon Brook" and "Martha's Vineyard Sunset had "advanced into the top six award recipients group, and the judges final decision would be forthcoming at the end of February; congratulations!"                       

                                                    And the waiting began.

The final result was TWO awards;  the One for "Martha's Vineyard Sunset" was received and Honorable Mention award, and is noted in the magazine's digital and print editions. The second, for "Roxy at Salmon Brook, is a similar certificate and given as an Artist Recognition award. This recent successful accomplishment is the second time win for "Roxy;" previously it was submitted to and was accepted for the juried SuperFine Art show in Washington DC that I attended in April, 2022.

**NOTE: Click the "PRESS" button on this site's menu  bar to view the two paintings and awards.

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